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Education & E-Learning :

E-learning, the new way of learning in Higher Education The 21st century is the age of globalization and every single being is now connected to the whole world by some way or the other. This leads to an information boom. Today with the click of a single mouse you can get the information of miles away university or about the on-going research. The young generation specially has a major role to play in this of which most are students. Therefore the most common requirement of these students is nothing but Education. With cost of higher education increasing in leaps E-learning brings you the solution to this with cost-effective ways of learning. There are many aspiring and talented students who fail to attain their higher education classes because of the silly reason that their choice of study is not present at a place where they can be physically.
            Technology today has bridges this gap and has given a very innovative and easy solution to all the students. This is a gift of technology to the students. With e-learning many other problems with higher education has also been neglected. The students can now earn a foreign degree sitting at their home. Students who did not have the monetary ability to stay abroad and study, they can easily afford to do this and get a degree from their dream college. The system of e-learning mainly comprises three models based on which this whole set-up stands.

1.The virtual classroom model- This is a very simple concept of video conferencing used to make a very serious business of education. In this the student can communicate directly with the mentor who may be sitting far away and can impart quality education and information to the student. This exchange of questions and answers between the students creates a classroom like environment.

2.Online E-learning- This system is somewhat like a distance education but definitely much faster and more interactive. In the students are provided with study materials and the learning is mainly through network system

3.Fast E-learning Model- In this the subject matter experts make use of the multimedia and cover all the doubts and the learning experience has been made very easy. The interaction between the teacher and the students are very fast and very effective in this session. This is in-fact the new age education system for one and all.

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