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Telecom :

An Overview of the Indian telecom Industry

Telecommunication is the branch of science which involves transmission of information through electromagnetic waves. Communication is nothing but interacting with some other being. In this new age of technology communicating with others and that very fast has become very important. Today businesses have gone global and for those communicating far off places using the latest technologies is the need of the day. Today sitting at USA people wants to communicate their thoughts and requirement to a place in interior India in no time, and this has become possible also only through the telecom industry. Not only business dealing now interacting with your loved ones who are sitting far away in a foreign country is also very easy and very much affordable by everyone this days. Life without a Telephone is not possible today. Even the lower class families now can afford a mobile and mobile phone has now become a necessity these days.
Now take a look into the industry who dominates the life of people these days.
The Indian telecom Industry is more than 165 years old. Telecommunication was first introduced in India in the year 1851 when an operational land line was first laid down near Calcutta, now Kolkata. Till then the telecom industry has gone through many changes and evolution and now is standing as the most dominating sector in the country and also in the world. The industry has seen the changes from telegraph to telephone to tele-printer and now the use of microwave communication as well as fiber optics. Along-with these the use of orbiting satellite and the advent of internet is seen now. The telecom industry has seen all this and still new things are being introduced every-day. Since this is a highly competitive industry, constant research and development is being done to come-up with new and innovative things every day so that communication becomes easier and simpler.
Now let us focus on the facts and figures of the Indian telecom industry
The Indian telecom Industry is growing every day and has shown a growth pattern from the last few years as well. Presently the growth in the telecom industry shows a growth rate of 4.5% p.a which is one of the highest in the world. The growth rate is also very constant and up-growing so that it does not fluctuate like the share market. The number of telecom subscribers in India is approximately 550 million which translate into a tele density of 46%. Not only this the number is increasing every day and the statistics shows that 8-10 million mobile subscribers are increasing every month. It is practically predicted that by the end of 2012 more than half of the Indian population will own a mobile phone. Adding to this the current broadband subscribers cross the 20 million benchmark and the number of internet users are more than 40 million.

All this facts shows that this is quite a profitable industry now and with the stable economic growth of 8%p.a this industry will continue to grow and generate employment as well as earning for the country.

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