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Website Maintenance :


Maintaining your website is just as important as the design and content of the site, irrespective if you take care of the website maintenance, or bring in a website maintenance company to maintain each web pages of your website for you.

Maintaining Fresh Content through Website Maintenance

When you buy a magazine, once you read it, what do you do with it? You throw it out, or at best pass it to a friend. The reason is that the content will never change. Part of maintaining your website is updating it with fresh content / latest news / new products or service offered or perhaps with the new offers. The most important aspect of website maintenance is to make the website always look FRESH. This means that, try and update your website on regular basis from a professional web maintenance company so that the users who navigates through your website has his needs arising by just looking at the latest changes. The message here is simple and clear “We all look for a change in our lives and this is what in turn we need to do on our website - UPDATE WEBSITE”.

The main problem with website maintenance is that often people pay for their website to be designed, because they do not have the skills to design it themselves. This means that they cannot maintain the website that has been designed for them by a professional website designing / web maintenance Company. The best way to tackle the problem of maintaining your website is to get Pluto Technologies Pvt. Ltd. on board with a proper and transparent website maintenance agreement which suits your budget and requirement and allow us to maintain & update your website frequently, or perhaps find another website maintenance company that can maintain the website for you.



Content Management System (CMS)

Another route to website maintenance is to get a CMS (Content Management System) built by us as we have the expertise in providing custom CMS development. This would allow you to add and remove web pages and edit your pages through a control panel your self with out much of designing skills. Designed well, a content management system can still incorporate a good visual design onto your site, search engine friendly and still be easy for you to update your website yourself.

Website Maintenance service with an HTML Editor

The last way is to get trained in an HTML editor yourself. HTML editors can edit the code that the web designer put in place, but shows you the view of the user as you edit. Some people have the ability to update already written code, but have trouble designing their website from scratch. This would give you more freedom to make the updates in your web pages / website when you want to make them.

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